Upcoming elections:

  • Stadtratswahlen Wil 25 Sep 2016
  • Stadtpräsidiumswahlen Wil 25 Sep 2016
  • Wahl Vorsteher/in Bildungsdepartement Stadt Wil 25 Sep 2016
  • Stadtparlamentswahlen Wil 25 Sep 2016
  • Stadtratswahlen Biel 25 Sep 2016
  • Gemeinderatswahlen Biel 25 Sep 2016

Archived elections:

smartvote is a so-called online voting advice application (VAA). Based on a comprehensive questionnaire on political issues it compares the political positions of voters with those of political parties and candidates. Voters receive a voting advise in form of a position-matching.

smartvote exists since 2003. Developper and operater is the non profit organization Politools. During the electoral campaign of the 2011 national elections smartvote was used more than 1.2 million times.

Further information

Unfortunately, the smartvote blog is available in German only.

Platform partners:
  • easyvote / Dachverband Schweizer Jugendparlamente DSJ
  • Loterie Romande
  • Kompetenzzentrum für Public Management, Universität Bern
  • soom-it GmbH
  • Tagxy Concepts AG