Kantonsratswahlen Zürich 2023

Silvan Wildhaber

1977 FDP
Kantonsratswahlen Zürich 2023
Electoral district:
04: Stadt Zürich, Stadtkreis 6 & 10
FDP.Die Liberalen
List place:
KMU-Unternehmer, lic.oec.HSG

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  Silvan Wildhaber
My smartspider
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The smartspider graphic depicts values and political attitudes on the basis of eight thematic axes. For each axis, a value of between 100 and 0 points can be reached. A value of 100, at the outside edge of the spider, represents strong agreement with the formulated goal of the corresponding axis. A value of 0, at the middle of the spider, means that there is no agreement with the formulated goal. The following points should be considered:

  • The smartspider graphic is not taken into account in the voting advice, but represents an independent positioning of the candidates.
  • Only a subset of the smartvote questions are included in the calculation of the smartspider graphic, therefore not all of the questions are assigned to one of the eight axes.
  • The smartvote questionnaire is adapted to each election, therefore the smartspider axes are not always based on the same questions. A direct comparison of smartspider graphics from different elections is therefore methodically not recommendable.

For more information on the smartspider and which questions are assigned with which axes, see the methodology.